Bunk House Punch List

Lakeshore Bunk House

We are down to the punch list on the church bunk house. Since we do not have many volunteers scheduled for the next few weeks, let me post it here in case anyone would like to make a special trip down to finish some things up.

  • Hang lights in bathroom
  • Install hard-wire smoke detectors
  • Paint Baseboards
  • Touch up paint on walls
  • Caulk baseboards
  • Install countertops and sinks
  • Set commodes
  • Install shower fixtures
  • Stain and put up the kick trim on the cabinets
  • Stain and put on the end pieces on the cabinets
  • Finish trim around the bathroom windows and doors
  • Hang door into closet – cut out 2×4 on bottom
  • Lay tile or transition strip where 2×4 is.
  • Seal the tile
  • Put cover on breaker box – find it
  • Hang soffit
  • Caulk the porch ceiling
  • Clean up and wash down the porch
  • Move well pump
  • Pour concrete walkway under porch and in front of stairs

I’ve probably overlooked a few items, but this is most of what we have left to do. I’m really excited about this building. It came out very nice. I believe it will serve the ministry well.

btw, we also have similar punch lists for a few houses where the home owners are just about ready to move in. We still have plenty of work to do as we continue to minister the love of Christ to our community. Let us know if you would like to come.


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