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Our good friends from Grace Baptist Church of Carlisle, PA have recruited 25 other like-minded churches to join them in Lakeshore this week in the ongoing relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts. Early morning devotions and evening worship services have rounded out full days of work on the church property and in the community.

Its only Tuesday, but it seems two weeks of work have already been accomplished. Here on the church site, a large screened in area now sits under the new bunk house. They have framed up the lower level of the Mercy House and popped in the windows already. Lord willing, sheet rock will adorn the walls before the end of the week.

Workers have also been painting, plumbing, tiling, siding, etc in about nine different homes in the community.

Enthusiastic evangelistic teams have been blitzing the area, following up on dozens of families living in homes constructed by our volunteers in the last 4 years and encouraging those still living in temporary housing. God has opened the doors to some wonderful gospel encounters this week.

We look forward to a community dinner on Friday topped off with an evangelistic sermon preached by my friend Mitch Axxom of First Baptist Church of Clinton LA. Please pray that God would see fit to bring people to himself through this service.

btw, The folks with us this week have set up a blog to chronicle their trip. Check it out: Hurricane Katrina Relief Project 2010

We endured record low temperatures this past weekend, but the Lord blessed us with a beautiful day today. I look forward to what he has in store for us tomorrow as we press forward to the glory of God.

Pouring concrete - front porch of Mercy House

Tim, James, County guy, and Scott


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