Property and proclamation progress

painting shutters

We had a great time this week with a house full of young people, retired folk, and everyone in between. Over 100 volunteers from Mississippi, Illinois, South Carolina, Alabama and Georgia worked hard through the summer heat making progress on several projects.

This week we focused the bulk of our attention here on the church property. We have some lovely new walk ways around the office and Bunk House. Rough ares of the property have been smoothed out making lawn maintenance a little easier. Improvements to the kitchen area will provide more air flow. The Mercy House property is taking shape. We’ve lined off part of the parking lot. Finish carpenters wrapped the beautiful front columns. Shutters received their final coat of paint. So much more happened this week I can’t detail it all. What a joy to see so much happening for the glory of God.

We held our second “”How to Stretch your Grocery Budget” Seminar and distributed an 18 wheeler full of food. I look forward to many more similar events as we expand our mercy ministry from simple crisis relief, to full recovery and community development.

We also distributed several hundred Bibles door to door. I want every house in our area to have a Bible and I appreciate the teams who were so excited to partner with us in this project. As I said in an earlier post, we pray that the gift of God’s Word, scattered like seed throughout south Hancock County, will bear fruit of encouragement and Kingdom growth for the glory of God.

kitchen screen

Danny Villa

Smoothing dirt

foundation work


You are certainly the right man, at the right place, at the right time ceasing your divine moment. Glory to God!

That should be “seizing your divine moment”. Like David in I Sam. 17 or Jonathan in 14. The place is looking good.

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