Today in Mississippi: Then and Now

Today in Mississippi: Then and Now

This months “Today in Mississippi” magazine featured Lakeshore Baptist Church in its “Hurricane Katrina: Then and Now” story.

“August of 2005 began like any other hot, lazy summer month in South Mississippi. Area residents fished and swam and complained about the heat. Children squeezed as much as they could out of the last few days of summer before heading back to school with freshly sharpened pencils and brand new notebooks. At the end of the month, there was talk on the news about a storm heading through the Florida Keys and coming into the Gulf. That storm soon became a monster of the likes that few had ever seen.

“Preparations were made, windows were boarded and stores were packed with people refreshing their disaster preparedness kits. But still, none of us knew. None of us really knew how our lives would change that day. Hurricane Katrina changed the landscape of South Mississippi and the hearts and minds of its people forever.

“Hard-working residents and thousands of volunteers have spent the past five years rebuilding and revitalizing the area. While there is still much to be done and while set backs – like the current state of the economy and the oil spill – have created more challenges, progress can be seen.”

The story goes on to highlight a handful of locations around the area, including our church. The text reads:

THEN: Places of worship were destroyed but faith remained. Even in destruction, our churches were places of sanctuary. Lakeshore Baptist Church (right) continued to have
services on this site in folding chairs under a tarp. The faith-based community still plays a huge role in recovery. Thousands of visitors still visit South Mississippi to help residents rebuild their homes.

NOW: Lakeshore Baptist members now have a roof over their heads (bottom). The old steeple still sits at the site and is a reminder of what happened five years ago but
progress is evident for the humble church. Churches throughout the area have been rebuilt and continue to serve as a haven for residents and volunteers alike.

You can download the pdf and read the full story @ Today in Mississippi – August 2010.

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