New Web Site

Thanks to the generous folks over at BalboaTech, we have a new web site as they donate web hosting services to Rebuild Lakeshore. If you need a web site, I highly recommend checking them out. With their state of the art servers, I am able to do some things on the back-end that I couldn’t do before. I am taking this opportunity to do a complete site overhall. In the coming weeks I’ll bring all the old content over and tweek the design. In the meantime, I wanted to get everything up and running as we watch a tropical storm heading our way scheduled to hit on the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Stay tuned.


Churches in the middle Georgia were asking me how bad you were hit. Some were saying 7ft of water. But this sounds like damage was minimal, at least in comparrison. What do you need? Two churches are asking.

David, we did get 7’+ of surge in the area. The ground is about 10′ above sea level here at the church, so the water did not reach us. It did lap up and over the rail road tracks, so it was pretty close. We need to replace our outdoor ceiling fans, repair a broken window in the Mercy House, and either repair or dismantle one of our quonset huts.

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