Rain rain go away

I can’t get Lee Dorsey’s rendition of “Rain Rain Go away come back some other day” out of my head. God, in his providence, sent heavy rain again last night. We began work on the new church building’s foundation in January. Heavy rains and knee deep mud has hampered our progress, but we push forward with hope. In order to lock in construction this summer, we have penciled in a three month window to complete all the ground work.

While we pray for the site to dry, we have constructed the forms for the poured in place concrete pillers. These 16″X16″ columns will sit in ten strategic locations. Eight of them will span all the way to the roof line. The two foot thick 5’X5′ footings have been poured atop the 30′ timber pilings that were driven into the ground. We also constructed and set some 36″ wire cages into some of the 8′ deep holes to reduce the possibility of collapse until we can set the 48 12″X12″ posts. Yep, count ’em 48. That is a lot of big pilings.

Once the site dries enough, Lord willing in the next couple of weeks, we can rent a crane to hoist the 24′ long 12″X12″s into place and concrete them in. We will then need to create a network of concrete grade beams (or footers) to tie everything together, and then pour the slab. We will also need to form up and pour the front portico and the side porte cochere. We have a few teams schedule to be here in the next few months, but this foundation will require a few more. So, if you have any concrete experience, can read a level, operate a crane, cut wood for forms, work a shovel, bend rebar, cook for construction workers, or would like to just play in the mud, come on down. Bring your umbrella and I’ll make some gumbo.

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