Living on Mission in Puerto Rico

Pray for Don and Janice Smith as they head to Puerto Rico for a 5 year mission trip. Talk about living on mission! I met this great couple following Hurricane Katrina as they came along side of us on the Mississippi gulf coast and proved very helpful. Their generous spirit and willingness to do even the smallest things encouraged our soul. I look forward to seeing the fruit of their dedication in Puerto Rico. The Smiths stopped by Lakeshore on their way to their new home last week. We were able to share lunch and talk about what God is doing on the island. I’m sure their service will benefit the disaster relief efforts there.

As we approach the one year anniversary of Hurricane Maria, I remember one year after Hurricane Katrina, how many folks had come to help, and how far we still had to go. We could not have made it to where we are now, if it were not for the countless people who didn’t forget about us after the media attention turned to other stories. Let us not forget about our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico.

Let me ask you to pray especially for the church planters that I have grown to love and respect. They toil for the cause of Christ in difficult conditions. Through their bold proclamation of the gospel and their active compassion for those in need, God’s glory shines brighter and brighter in the Caribbean, to the praise of Christ’s name and the spread of his fame.

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