Mission Trip

Thank you for your interest in making a mission trip to the Mississippi gulf coast. On August 29, 2005, Lakeshore Mississippi took the brunt of Hurricane Katrina’s fury. Strong sustained winds (150+ mph) and a 42 foot storm surge destroyed all the homes in this almost forgotten town, leaving its residents without shelter, food, or running water. From day one, Lakeshore Baptist Church has served as a conduit of help and hope for her hurting community. With the assistance of literally thousands of volunteers from across the country, the Rebuild Lakeshore ministry has helped hundreds of families through a massive relief and recovery effort.

A decade of intense volunteer work in the area has seen hundreds of homes rehabbed, 40 homes rebuilt from the ground up, massive debris removal, clean-up, and demolition, as well as thousands of lives touched in countless ways. The Mercy Ministry God established through Lakeshore Baptist Church blossomed into more than simple disaster relief. We aim to continue this benevolence work as long as the Lord sees fit.

On August 30, 2015, 10 years after the storm, we dedicated our new church building. While “Hurricane Katrina Relief” may have officially ended, Rebuild Lakeshore still exist as a mission trip destination ministry. If you would like to schedule a mission trip to the gulf coast, contact us for available dates and possible projects. While we do not charge folks to come and work with us, we do ask for at least a $15 per day, per person, donation to defray the costs of operations. We look forward to serving with you, for the glory of God.