Rebuild Lakeshore Mission Trip Bunk House


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

We are down on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, not far from the Louisiana state line.

The address for our Rebuild Lakeshore Bunkhouse is
6922 N. Railroad Ave Bay St. Louis MS 39520

The Lakeshore Baptist Church address is:
6028 Lakeshore Road Bay St. Louis 39520

How many can you accommodate?

Each of the two bunk rooms have 8 bunk beds, to sleep 16 people in each room, with a total of 32.

The bunk house also has two large bathrooms, with three showers, three sinks, and three commodes in each.

How much does it cost?

Technically, we have never charged folks to come and work with us, however it does take money to operate, therefore we ask for a $15 a day, per person donation to defray these costs. Other donations are greatly appreciated and will allow us to continue. If your group is interested in a particular type of mission trip there may be some other financial considerations to discuss. For example, if your group is interested in a construction project and would like to provide some of the materials, we can arrange that. Your contributions open greater possibilities of service.

What should we bring?

The bunk house contains bunk beds with mattresses. Each person should bring your own pillows and linen. Some folks like to bring sleeping bags. Plan to bring your own towels, shampoo, soap, tooth brushes, tooth paste, toiletries etc.

You may also want to bring sunscreen and bug spray.

What is our daily schedule?

Your daily schedule is up to you. We will customize your mission trip experience around your plans. Some teams like to do morning devotions at the beach at sunrise, others like to stay up late around the camped fire, or take a day trip to some local attractions. Just let us know, and we will organize your projects accordingly. Whatever works best for your group, we are willing to coordinate with your schedule to maximize your time here on the Gulf Coast.

What about meals?

We do not provide meals, teams cook for themselves in our well equipped screened-in camp kitchen.

  • 2 industrial grade convection ovens
  • 2 large platform propane burners
  • A 10 burner restaurant grade stove
  • A residential electric range w/ 4 burners and oven
  • A large gas flat grill
  • Barbecue pit
  • A large stock of cooking vessels and utensils
  • A double refrigerator
  • A stand up freezer
  • A Commercial Ice Machine (out of order)

There are also numerous great local restaurants in the area.

Do you have WiFi?


Do you provide maid service?

No we do not provide maid service. We ask that each team keep the bathrooms, bunk rooms, kitchen, dining area, and camp grounds as clean as possible during your stay and give the facilities a good cleaning before you leave. Brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies are located in the janitor’s closet, in the west bathroom. This is a volunteer camp and we appreciate your help so very much.

Is there a laundry mat?

The nearest coin operated laundry mat is “High Tide Laundry” 2006 Waveland Ave, Waveland, MS 39576 (about 5.5 miles)

What should we do with garbage?

Please place all garbage in the large garbage cans located on the north side of the office, and place them on Lakeshore Road, in front of the office, for garbage pick-up Wednesday mornings. Large teams find it helpful to scrape and stack paper plates and cups to minimize the garbage container space requirements. Also, see next question about composting.

Do you compost?

Yes. We “Compost Everything – David the Good.” Well, almost everything. Please deposit all your kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, paper towels, left over vegetables, and pretty much any biodegradable stuff into the compost tumbler outside the kitchen by the banana trees.

Can we burn stuff?

Yes, but please keep all fires contained within the burn pit located on the east side of the bunk house. And only burn wood, cardboard, and paper. Burning plastic, rubber, or other materials will alert the Clermont Harbor Fire Department and get the pastor in trouble. Don’t ask us how we know this.

Are there local attractions and restaurants?

Yes! Ask Pastor Don for his restaurant recommendations. We love for teams to eat out, not only does it stimulate our local economy, but it also allows mission trip teams to experience our great Mississippi Gulf Coast culture and cuisine.

Where is the nearest hospital?

We hope you will not need it, but the nearest hospital is Hancock Medical Center (Ochsner) 149 Drinkwater Rd, Bay St Louis, MS 39520 (about 8 miles)