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A Mission Trip Destination on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

From The Rebuild Lakeshore Blog:

Making Connections, Tarping Roofs

In the wake of Hurricane Ida, my good friend Cary Kimbrell, Pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church in Laurel MS called me to connect with needs down in South Louisiana. Jason and Lee McCoy of New Hope Baptist Church in Mendenhall, MS had a trailer full of tarps and water they wanted to donate to those…

Reformation Church and the 10 Commandments Retreat

Can you recite the 10 Commandments in order? Reformation Church, of Baker LA, spent June 10-13 with us for a Mission Trip / Retreat. They asked me to do most of the teaching where we focused on the Decalogue. Over the long weekend they memorized the 10 commandments from Exodus 20 as a foundation for…

Mission Trips and the Providence of God

Lifepointe Fellowship planned a mission trip to Arkansas, but God had other plans for them this summer. Ten days before the nearly 60 person group were to hit the road, their destination project fell through. As mission trip veterans, they turned to one of their previous mission trip partners, the Mississippi Gulf Coast Baptist Association….

Istrouma Baptist Disaster Relief on the Gulf Coast

For the last 3 Thursdays, a volunteer chainsaw crew from Istrouma Baptist Church has made their way from Baton Rouge to Lakeshore to lend a hand in our clean-up efforts. The Disaster Relief Ministry , led by William Davis began this year amid a very active Gulf Coast hurricane season. The team not only removed…

Hurricane Zeta Disaster Relief Food Give-Away

Lakeshore Baptist Church continues to minister tangible help and hope in the name of Christ, despite damage to their own church building. Securing pallets of Disaster Relief food boxes from Feeding the Gulf Coast, we distributed hundreds of pounds of nonperishable groceries following Hurricane Zeta.

Hurricane Zeta Damages Mississippi Gulf Coast Church Buildings

Hurricane Zeta hit Lakeshore Baptist Church hard and left extensive damage to our buildings. The toppled steeple caved in a portion of the roof, cracked several trusses, and did major damage as it fell. The high winds downed trees all over the church campus, stripped shingles off the church building, office, and bunk house, knocked…

Community Book Fair Outreach

Literacy is a gospel issue. God chose to reveal Himself through the written Word. We are “People of the Book.” Christians have always been advocates of reading, so it was natural for us to stand in that tradition with this great event we had last week. On January 20, 2020 Lakeshore Baptist Church hosted a…

A Blaise of Glory

It was great to see our good friend Blaise Dornisch today. He and his crew rode their bikes all the way from PA. Blaise made dozens of trips down to the gulf coast after Katrina, bringing relief supplies and assistance. He has been a tremendous blessing over the years. It was a joy to show…

Mud Out Supplies

When doing mud-out work after a flood event, we have found these things very useful.