God’s Hands and Feet

Park Valley Church of Manassas , VA worked with us in Lakeshore April 2006 and they head our way again next week. I was attending the Together for the Gospel conference last year when they made their first trip. I look forward to meeting and working with this energetic team. They made this great promotional video for their mission trip. You can also check out their Park Valley Church Missions blog.


This a a wonderful video. It really captures the heart of Lakeshore and God’s mighty power, mercy and grace. Thanks to all who served and captured this journey.

What a Blessing!!! Thank you, Park Valley Church.
When we were preparing for our first trip down to Lakeshore last Summer, many of us watched your video from that April. What an inspiration that was as it really helped prepare our hearts for our journey. The pictures from the area + the church grounds gave us an idea of what to expect, altho of course, we were still shocked at the amount of devastation in the area nearly 1 year later…
You will be pleased to see that the huge piles of debris are gone + that houses are going up, slowly but surely. Waveland is no longer a ghost town lined w/ deserted cars. There is hope anew!! Praise God!
You are right however — there is still so much more to do. I pray for your team’s safe journey this week. I am certain God will use your hands + feet Mightily.
Thank you again for another informative video.
God Bless,
Paula Hamilton
Trinity Lutheran Church
Joppa, Maryland

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