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Mississippi Campers on Mission

Last month volunteers erected two new quonset huts to expand our volunteer sleeping capacity. We plan to move our existing hut adjacent to the two new ones and add one more. A team of “Mississippi Campers on Mission,” with funding from Mississippi Baptist Convention churches worked here all week building bathrooms in one of the huts and walkways between them all. The new facilities will add 10 showers and 10 commodes to our camp site. We, and all our future volunteers, deeply appreciate the work of these great folks.

Campers on Mission is a national fellowship of Christian campers sponsored by the North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention.

more showers

more showers

walk way

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From may 19 to the 25 th. my church famly made it possable for those of us with the call to help folks, to go to missippippi. We offer our backs to a community that had lost all there physical posessions to A huricane that was unlike no other. during that week Pastor Don Preached a sermon and hinted twords ths comunity being blessd when others arround them said that thare stuff was spared the wrath of Kitrina and that thare church was blessd.
Lakeshore, today your community is blessed. I only know this because My persanal expereances that week hinted that im in the company of some people that look at life. I went to your Wallmart and saw people haveing short chats, the staff was ingaged in being attentave at thare work. I was cared for in that store.
I workd with Campers on mission during my week stay and was tought by thare actions much more than i ever thought possable.
I could go on for ever but I should go to bed now so to wrap it up I learnd that If im not working for the lord then im just a loafer. The reward for that work is to grate for me to discuss at this time. Lake shore has blessd me thank you.

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