The 5,464 mile round trip

Evergreen Baptist Church

Teams from across the country continue to bless us with mission trips to the gulf coast. On Wednesday night, I paused to realize that we had folks from Texas, Massachusetts, Washington, Florida, Maine, Missouri, Kentucky, Michigan and Wisconsin all worshiping together in our mid-week service.

The team from Vancouver Washington just rolled out of the parking lot, beginning their 2,732 mile trip back home. We praise God for folks who willingly travel so far and work in the blazing Mississippi heat for the glory of God. Pray for the teams as they travel home today and the others who head this way as the rebuilding continues.

Evergreen Baptist Church

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[…] Tackling our 100% volunteer fueled relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts as a traditional contractor would prove impossible. If a local contractor faces rain, he can reschedule his local roofing crew for the following week. (Its raining right now as I type.) If an electrician can’t finish a job in the allotted time, they have the freedom of working until job completion. If a laborer can’t do a job, the contractor can hire someone else. Our roofers and electricians sometimes come as far as 2,732 miles away and must return home with their mission team. Sometimes teams have to cancel at the last moment, or shift dates of their trip. We use anyone, no matter their skill level. Having different people working each week makes it impossible to estimate the amount of time to complete any task. Some people work faster than others. Each project we work on receives a different complex budget coming from grants, financial and material donations, and home owner contributions. All these variables and a thousand others makes project planning like a traditional contractor impossible, so we do not try. […]

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