Alliance of Christian Churches in South Jersey for Katrina Relief

Camp Kitchen -Jan. 2006

Camp Kitchen -Jan. 2006

This morning I received an email from our friend Bob Thomson planning another trip to Lakeshore. A band of churches have cooperated together to form what they call “The Alliance of Christian Churches in South Jersey for Katrina Relief.” Various crews from this effort have made a number of trips to the gulf coast over the past two years. You can see some great pictures in Bob’s Lakeshore, Mississippi photo gallery. (btw, the above pictures are of the “kitchen” in January 2006.)

I emailed Bob back and decided to share the email on the site, because it also applies to so many people who have come from across the country with much needed help and continue to do so. Thank-you! We look forward to your return trip as well.


Its great to hear from you and we look forward to your trip in October. The churches of South Jersey have been such a tremendous blessing to the ongoing relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts here in Lakeshore.

The last two years have been difficult for our community and sometimes the end of recovery seems nowhere in site. Just yesterday, I had four new families and individuals come to me asking for help. One family has the resources to purchase materials, but their money can not stretch far enough to hire contractors. They have been trying to do all the work themselves. The arduous process has become extremely wearisome and their strength seems almost spent. Another widow owns land and will loose her FEMA camper soon. She has no money to rebuild and doesn’t know where to go. I meet people almost everyday like this. I do not know where I could find the strength to go on in this without the knowledge that God continues to send his people to work along side of us in this ministry of mercy.

At the same time I stopped by seven or eight houses, in various stages of rebuilding, all with the sweat and hard work of volunteers. A widow in our community came by the church property yesterday, just to say “thank-you” one more time for the house we helped rebuild for her. The progress could not have moved forward this far without the help and long term commitment of dedicated folks like you. I can not express how much I appreciate your determination to bring help and hope in the name of Christ to the gulf coast for the glory of God. We look forward to seeing you and your team in October.

by grace alone,

Pastor Don A. Elbourne Jr.
Lakeshore Baptist Church


What a Blessing!!!
God continues to be Faithful to those who stand Faithful in Him. Please know Don that our church family continues to pray for you + your beloved town of Lakeshore.
I remember seeing these pictures of the early kitchen way back when! Thank you for sharing once again.

[…] Fourteen days ago we began building another new house. Folks from the Alliance of Christian Churches in South Jersey for Katrina Relief dug the holes and set the pilings. A team from Oak Grove Baptist Church of Monticello KY framed up the house, hung the windows and doors, roofed it, wrapped it, and even wired it. The home owners treated the framing crew to fried shrimp and oyster po-boys and home made root-beer. Today guys from the Calhoon Baptist Association of north Mississippi are running the plumbing. Guys from Alabama look to install the air conditioning next week. Then we can get it inspected, start insulating, hanging sheet rock, painting, laying the flooring etc. The family looks forward to moving out of their FEMA camper and into their new home. […]

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