before lunch

I didn’t post much last week. Sometimes I have a hard time getting to my computer long enough to make a blog post. when I do, I can only post just a small fraction of the tremendous amount of work volunteers continue to accomplish here in Lakeshore. We stay busy. For example, this morning we have a team from Grace Heritage Church – Auburn, AL building another shed for the distribution center. Later they will go to Mrs. Speeds and install her last kitchen cabinet, hang the interior doors, and lay the baseboards. George and Kathy Nelson are in the kitchen cooking up a big noon meal with the help of some folks from Ellison ridge, MS. We have a group of ladies from New Hampshire working in the distribution center stocking shelves. After lunch they plan to head to Mrs. Gillum’s house to paint. The Men from new Hampshire are working at Diane Stuflett’s hanging sheet rock. Guys from Burnt Hickory Baptist Church, Towersprings, GA are building the porches at the Green’s house and installing the last of the siding at James and Bea’s.. Another team from Mississippi are pulling off siding at John Richard’s house and replacing the windows. A couple from Calhoun City, are painting a mural on little Gabe’s wall. We’ve been to Home Depot for materials, set up a dirt delivery, put together 80 Thanksgiving gift boxes (orchestrated by our great friend Bob Turner of HIghlands Fellowship – Abingdon, VA), made plans for teams coming in the next few weeks, and at least a hundred other things – a typical day in Lakeshore; All before lunch.

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