Contributing to Mercy Ministry

Some days I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that God continues to send volunteers and contributions to our storm ravaged community after two years of excruciatingly slow recovery. As you prayerfully consider budgeting your finances this time of year I pray that God will grant a sharper sense of the mercy he pours out on undeserving sinners who put their trust in him. Our motivation for ongoing mercy ministry rests in nothing less than the rich grace God extends through the substitutionary death of his son.

Princeton theologian, B. B. Warfield, recognized that Christians often tend to forget that apart from the sovereign grace of God that overcame their rebellious heart they would have continued in their spiritual bankruptcy. He cited three objections to contributing to mercy ministry.

“Objection 1. ‘My money is my own.’
Answer, Christ might have said, ‘my blood is my own, my life is my own’ … then where should we have been ?

Objection 2. ‘The poor are undeserving.’
Answer: Christ might have said, ‘They are wicked rebels … shall I lay down my life for these ? I will give to the good angels.’ But no, he left the ninety-nine, and came for the lost, he gave his blood for the undeserving.

Objection 3. ‘The poor may abuse it.’
Answer: Christ might have said the same; yea, with far greater truth. Christ knew that thousands would trample his blood under their feet; that most would despise it; that many would make it an excuse for sinning more; yet he gave his own blood.

Oh, my dear Christians ! If you would be like Christ, give much, give often, give freely, to the vile and poor, the thankless and the undeserving. Christ is glorious and happy and so will you be. It is not your money I want, but your happiness. Remember his own word. ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive'”

(The Person and Work of Christ, p.574).

We depend on your generous gifts to continue the mercy ministry here on the gulf coast. Just as the Apostle Paul praised God for the generosity of the churches of Macedonia (2 Corinthians 8:1-15), we thank God for your contributions to rebuilding Lakeshore to the glory of God.

Lakeshore Baptist Church
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Lakeshore MS 39558

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