Dirt Work

dirt work

dirt work

dirt work

We moved a lot of dirt this week. At one house a team moved dirt from one property to another, to fill in the hole where a house used to sit. When the demolition crew removed the house, it left a mosquito breeding ground. Filling the dirt and smoothing out the lot will give the street one less reminder of the storm.

At another lot, a second team spread dirt in preparation for our next house we plan to begin in the very near future. The ground proved too soft for our equipment to maneuver, so a determined group of volunteers tackled the mound.

At the church property, a third group moved even more dirt. The storm drastically changed our landscape and water that used to flow one way, now flows in others, or not at all. The dirt work on the church property will make our real estate a little more livable.

I thank God for groups willing to come and do the dirty work to see the overall picture of recovery move forward to the glory of God.

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Dear Pastor Don,
Thank you for the beautifully written updates to go along with the joyous pictures. We are thinking of you from Cornerstone here with fond and grateful thoughts. We look forward to meeting again in October.

Changing landscape by the people of God. That is a very thought-provoking subtext! Love it. simon

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