Moving concrete blocks

moving blocks

moving blocks

My son, Zack, and Mike from Seattle are hauling donated concrete blocks today. these blocks came from underneath decommissioned FEMA trailers. The contractors found it cheaper to give them to us than to haul them off for resale. We plan to use them in future building projects.


Zack has really taken on a grown man’s countenance since we last saw him. He’s such a fine fellow and we really enjoyed his company. He’s also a great hard worker and tough to keep up with at times. What an asset to you and tribute to Courtney as well! Blessings!

Thanks Marlyn . I’m very proud of Zack. He graduated from High School this past Tuesday and heads to Tulane in the fall, on an academic scholarship. He plans to work with us in Lakeshore this summer and help me coordinate some of the teams.

WOW! Congratulations to Zach + the entire family.
Y’all should be proud of him ;>) Have a great Summer.
(Miss you…)

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