Tropical Storm Gustav

Tropical Storm Gustav has everyone on high alert. We see no need to panic. All predictions indicate that we have at least five days before landfall. This far out, no one knows what the storm will do, but right now we sit in the middle of the cone of probability. That means we need to begin making plans to batten down everything in Lakeshore and evacuate if need be.

Our evacuation strategy includes multiple phases, depending on the severity of the storm and the probability of impact. We have partnered with our friends from the Jones County Baptist Association to secure our camp site and extricate essential items. In the next 48 hours we hope to have a better picture of the storms intentions. Folks from Jones county stand ready to head this way Friday evening to begin implementing our plans. As of now we are in a holding pattern as we watch for developments.

We appreciate everyone’s concern. Keep checking back for updates.


With today being the 3rd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, my heart is ever present w/ you. I always remember this date w/ sincere reverence. More importantly today, prayers will be lifted high to Our Most Precious Lord. We love all y’all + pray for safety + protection. God Bless!!!

It looks like the latest computer models have the hurricane going west of New Orleans/Baton Rouge towards the western and center part of the Louisiana coast, but you may feel some of its effects in Lakeshore. How go the plans to evacuate if necessary, or do you think it will miss you guys at this point?

Pastor Don & Friends at LBC,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you on this third anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Our life has been changed by making 10 trips to the Gulf Coast to support your “mercy ministry” efforts there in Lakeshore.

As Gustav approaches the region, we will be keeping a close eye on further developments, and be on “high alert” to provide additional assistance.

Provide our warmest greetings to all of our LBC friends.

Blessings on your continual ministry,

Jeff Kisiah

Pastor Don,
We are praying for you and are asking God to lay His mighty hand of protection on all of the residents. I know in our trips down there to work along side of you that the folks are tired…God knows too.

Just know that people all over the world are praying, and God hears each prayer….our thoughts are with you. I know personally how much you push yourself for those around you. Please take care….be safe!

In His Grace,
Audrey Smith

Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
This news comes on the 3rd anniversary of God’s revelation/introduction of Lakeshore to so many lovers of Christ. He has truely made us one!
Fear not for our Lord has marked LBC as His redeemed. You have been purposed for His mights ministry, and there is no storm or force on this earth that can overcome His Plan.
We stand with you in faith for His perfect protection from any “storm”. You witness has testified you are built on the “ROCK” and so we stand totally dependant and surrendered to His plan!

Brother Don, we at Chapel on the Hill in New Jersey remember so well that first trip (of several) right after Katrina hit. You are never far from our thoughts and prayers – and now with Gustav bearing down, please know that we will be lifting you all up before the Lord. Praying for you all!

Dear Don, Courtney, and all our friends in Lakeshore,
We are praying for you and commit you to the hands of our loving and wise Heavenly Father. Perhaps He will bring a wind to change it’s direction and prevent destruction. After all, He controls the winds and the waves. Whatever happens, we know you will trust Him and testify to His goodness and faithfulness! Blessings from all your Carlisle, PA friends

Pastor Don,
All of Lakeshore Baptist church know that 1 Peter 5:7 says Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you! I am praying for all of LBC area. You will be protected with prayer covering.
Debra Barron
Charlotte NC
Harvest Community Church

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