Christmas in Lakeshore 2008

Christmas in Lakeshore

As the Christmas season approaches many of you have asked about our plans to bless those in Lakeshore still going through a very difficult time. Our church has begun compiling a list of families in our community who we can touch with Christmas gifts for their children. On our end Mrs. Bea and the ladies in the distribution center maintain the list of recipients and our good friend Pam Lackey will serve again this year as the contact person for churches and individuals from across the country wanting to help meet specific needs, adopt families, and provide Christmas gifts. You can contact Pam at 678-860-0448 or by email Thank you so much.


Ohhh how i loveeeeeeeeeeee those ladies!!! i miss them soo much!!!! i wish i was there so bad right now….i miss Lakeshore!!!!

I too miss being there will be a year since I was last there. I wish things were different for me so I would be able to come but be sure my prayers are sent up for all of you. Harvest Comunity Church here in Huntersville, NC has a trip planned again to come help in December. I will send the love and prayers until I see you all again.

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