The Boyd house nears completion

Boyd House - painting doors

Screened in back porch

The Boyd house nears completion. This week a team from East Highland Baptist Church Hartselle, AL have laid all the baseboards and trimmed out the windows. they are painting and hanging all the interior doors and building a screened in back porch. It looks like after next week, running the sewer lines will be the only major remaining task.


I have been watching the site to see the process of the Boyd house. Please keep the progress posted. So happy to see Ruth in the picture. She looks very happy and she deserves to be.
Praise God.

Ruth Anne & Wayne…..
So great to the progress that has taken place. We sure miss you. We plan on stopping in in Feb to see you two. Love & prayers, Steve & Sandi…Chanute, Ks.

Hi Ruth Anne and Wayne,
So great to see what is happening, like Steve said we will be stopping by In Feb. to see the two of you, will let you know the time when it gets closer.

You are in our thoughts and payers
Love Sandi and Steve

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