The Green’s Certificate of Occupancy

The Greens Move In

The Greens Move In

In the picture above, James, who has been so instrumental in our rebuilding mercy ministry, just presented the Greens with their “Certificate of Occupancy” from the City of Bay St. Louis.

Shortly after WWII, Mr. Green built his home with his own hands, where they raised 6 children. Katrina destroyed the house while Mr. Green road out the storm in 16+ feet of raging flood water – a harrowing task for anyone, but especially a man in his 80s. Living in FEMA provided housing, with no idea on where to turn, the Greens came to Lakeshore Baptist Church for help.

Volunteers began framing a new house back in August
. Countless mission teams worked back to back to complete the project. Mr. and Mrs Green are so grateful and praise God for their new home.

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Praise the Lord! I’ve been waiting for this news. We met the Greens in Jan 2009 when we went to paint the inside of their new home. Very sweet and hospitable. Much common grace in their lives. Some of Mr. and Mrs. Green’s adult children rode out the storm on the roof of their homes. Mr.Green was in a reinforced garage apartment, 2 1/2 stories above the ground. When the storm was over, he was at ground level. That apartment survived many hurricanes, including Camille so he was pretty sure he’d be ok in a lesser rated storm. Katrina surprised a lot of hurricane veterans. The Greens insisted that their children rebuild their homes first so that their children and grandchildren wouldn’t have to move away. I’m very glad we were able to help this couple stay together with their extended family. Pray that our gracious Lord would bless the hearing of the Gospel to their souls and work mightily in the whole family!

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