Demolition Crew Needed

Shays house, old and new

The house volunteers built for Shay and his sons has just a few small things before it is ready for final inspection. This home will replace the dilapidated flooded home that they have been living in since the storm. Because of the size of the lot and the condition of the old structure, it took some persuasion to get a permit last year. Sympathetic county officials allowed the Dahl’s to stay in the old house until the new house was complete on one condition; that we agreed to have the old house demolished within 30 days of receiving the certificate of occupancy for the new home.

We need your help. We do not have anyone on the calendar next month equipped to tear down the old house. If you would like to make a special mission trip to Lakeshore to accomplish this task, just let us know.


Hey Don, what skills does one need to do demolition? I might be able to get one or two guys for a day or two if you get desperate! I might just drive over myself if no one comes!

Has anyone responded?


Yodi, It does not take much skill at all. We have found the more hands the better. Most of our demolition jobs have been with a big group of youth or college students. Often we will first strip everything down to the studs. In most cases we didn’t have much to salvage, but I think with this one we should be able to reuse the light fixtures, interior doors, maybe even some of the wiring, and other things. The home owner began rehabbing the house before we stepped in and realized the structure was a lost cause and started a total new construction. After gutting, we usually pull the structure down and then sort out the rubble. Check out my “Demolition in Lakeshore” post dated October 10, 2008 for a video of one of the jobs. Or we could use our back-hoe to get it down. Its a pretty good job, we could use as many hands as we can get to start the gutting and salvage.

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