Stucco and Brick

As you can see, the Mercy House looks great! This past week our friends from Central Baptist Church of Corbin KY built back steps to the rear entry landing. Friends from South Jersey mudded and sanded the sheet rock in the lower level. If we can find someone this week to texture the walls, local teenagers will paint the interior walls next weekend.

Next on the list; we need to stucco the main house, lay pavers for the 32 X 16 front entry, and brick the 10 X 10 pump house. I do not have anyone on the volunteer list for the foreseeable future who have listed these skill sets. If you have experience in stucco or brick, please consider making a special trip to Lakeshore to help with this project. Contact us and let us know you can come. We will put you up in the newly built bunkhouse and I’ll personally prepare an authentic Creole / Cajun meal for your crew.


Hi Pastor Don, I have a brick mason who will be coming with us on Feb.8-12. I talked to him yesterday, after I read your blog, and he said he would bring his tools, if you needed him. There are a couple of us, who have layed brick, as well, it’s just been awhile. We will have 10 men coming, after they heard about our experience at your church last year, it got them excited to come back with us and partner with you in ministry. I’ll give Jamie the rest of the particulars,later. We’re counting down the days until we come down. Let us know if we need to bring masonary tools.Thank you, see you in a couple of weeks. Honored to be partnering in ministry with you, Pastor Tim Young, Hayward Wesleyan Church, Hayward, Wi.

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