Bayside, Basketball, and BUGS

Bayside Baptist Church is on the rebound, in more ways than one. After undergoing a successful church revitalization in the last couple of years, the congregation says, “game on!” Thanks to a mission team from Georgia the church now has an outdoor basketball court on their church property. The new fenced in recreation area, with swing sets, will provide a much needed outlet for local kids to congregate under adult supervision. The church has a big heart for the young people of the neighborhood.

Several of the church members are also excited about the recreation area, especially because it will provide a great space for the outdoor activities of their BUGS Club. “BUGS” stands for “Building Up God’s Servants” and is their children’s ministry which includes Bible memorization, recreation, music, and more.

Rebuild Lakeshore was glad to be a small part of the Basketball court project, as the mission team stayed at our housing facilities while here on the gulf coast. We pray that God would continue to bless Bayside Baptist Church and the gospel efforts there, for the good of the community and the glory of Christ.

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