The Pastor’s Porch

This Kentucky crew, led by my good friend Tommy Floyd, has made numerous trips over the years to the gulf coast. I lost count of how many homes they framed up following Hurricane Katrina. Their ability to work together and accomplish so much, in less than a week has become legendary in our Rebuild Lakeshore story.

On this return trip they offered to add a nice sized porch to my little cabin behind the church. I spend at least a couple of nights a week on the church property, and much more when we host mission teams. Several years ago we built a little bedroom to replace the camper. It was a little less than 300 sq’, made up of a bedroom and bathroom, with an equal sized screened in area. My wife and I decided to close in the patio, doubling the size of our living space to almost 600′ sq’ and add a porch.

Before the Kentucky crew arrived, some local guys volunteered to set the 8″X8″ posts, no small task since the house sits 12′ above grade. I can not thank those guys enough!

The mission team also did some other repairs and numerous miscellaneous jobs. The main project, the pastor’s porch, turned out awesome. The addition will provide some great out outdoor living space to host company. It also greatly improves the look of the house. I’ve already been enjoying morning coffee overlooking the garden. Thank ya’ll so much!

Tommy Floyd and his KY team 2019, Lakeshore MS


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