Howee’s House


Long time resident of Lakeshore, Mr. Horace “Howee” Garcia looks forward to moving from his FEMA trailer back into his home. Soon he will be telling old cowboy stories from his wheel chair on the porch once again. In 1946 Mr. Howee built his home from salvaged lumber from an old plantation and other places. He and his wife, Nita, sought refuge in their attic to escape Katrina’s storm surge. Flood waters rendered the house almost a total loss. Volunteers have worked hard to grant the Garcia’s their wish to come home. Last week teams from Ohio hung the siding, tiled the bathroom, and built a wheel chair ramp. This week a team from Kentucky plans to set the kitchen cabinets.

Howee's shower

Howee's ramp


AMEN AMEN!!! I know that the group from MICHIGAN there w/ us back in November + who worked on the initial re-build of Mr. Howee’s house will be THRILLED to see these pictures. God is s-o Good ALL the time!! Praise Him!

Thanks for these great photos Don, The effort required to post regularly must be taxing on your schedule, but we really need to keep folks aprised of the stage of progress, and the continued need for additional help.
Blessings to you and yours, Please hug Courney for me!

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