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Hebron Baptist Church of Jones County MS number among the hundreds of generous churches contributing to the relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts in Lakeshore. They made their local newspaper with the help they have sent our way.

From the Hattiesburg American:

Hearn, a member of Hebron Baptist Church in the Hebron community in Jones County, said when she saw the open space of what once was the Lakeshore church she knew she needed to find a way to help.

“We went down the street looking and there was a white steeple standing out along the side of the road. That caught my eye,” Hearn said.

That prompted her and her husband, Mitch Hearn, to approach the church’s minister, Tommy Davis, and Richard Thames, director of missions, about how they could help the church. The idea was unanimously voted in favor of by the church.

What followed was an outpouring from one community to another.

Read full story: Hebron Baptist helps rebuild Coast church, community

Let me also encourage anyone visiting Lakeshore on a mission trip to contact their local papers. News outlets seem willing to highlight humanitarian efforts. Stories of your involvement in ongoing Katrina relief will give your church positive local exposure and help us keep the continuing need in the public eye.

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