Mrs. Lambert’s Porch

Mrs. Lambert's porch

Through the hard work of almost 9 months worth of volunteer groups, Mrs. Lambert has moved into her rehabbed trailer. She finally and gladly said goodbye to her FEMA camper. This week, a team from Oklahoma finishes roofing her new porch and cleaning the yard.


You’re doing a great job posting on this new site. It is so wonderful to see the answer to so many prayers through the completion of each home. It’s a great wayto stay connected. I so appreciate the time you invest regularly. May He multiply your hours and joy.
BLessings to all,

I am part of the Oklahoma group that came down and worked on this porch, and I would just like to say that it was such a blessing to be able to come down and do all the work we did. One of my friends,Mackenzie Davis, and I went and talked to her for atleast one hour. We really understand everything that people had to go through and we will always remember everyone and every thing that we met or that we helped. But I just wanted to tell how much this trip ment to me.Thanks,
Amanda McKee

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