Auger and Trailer Needed


We build most of the houses in Lakeshore on 8X8 piers. We have been renting a 24″ auger to dig the holes to set the pilings. Owning our own auger would make better use of our financial resources. We have a John Deer 250 Skid Steer that can accept an auger attachment. If anyone could locate and purchase an attachment to fit the Skid Steer for our rebuilding, we will put it to good use.

We also could use a trailer, with ramps, to haul the Skid Steer and our Tractor from job site to job site. Right now we have been driving the tractor around town, which is slow going, or rigging precarious make shift ramps to load the equipment onto our trailers that are not designed for that sort of thing.

Update: We have purchased an auger attachment. We could still use a equipment trailer with ramps.

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[…] A volunteer crew from Oklahoma started setting the pilings for another house this week. If I counted correctly, this makes number 27 from the ground up as we rebuild Lakeshore to the glory of God. We were able to use our new Skid steer auger attachment for the first time. It worked very well. Up until now we have been renting a less powerful auger to drill the 24″ holes to set the 8X8 posts. The new equipment investment will save us in rental fees, make your contributions to the efforts go further, and increase efficiency of volunteer time. […]

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