Abingdon Virginia

Abingdon Virginia Mobile Relief Unit

Abingdon Virginia Mobile Relief Unit

If you have been to Lakeshore, no doubt you noticed that the kitchen trailer and the shipping container bunk houses have the name “Highlands Fellowship – Abingdon VA.” These folks graciously donated the use of these resources for the duration of the relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts. I know I’ve thanked them before, but I wanted to say again how much these resources have enhanced the volunteer efforts in our community.

One of their church members, Bob Turner, spear headed the connection between Highland Fellowship and Lakeshore, providing other useful tools, like our back hoe, concrete tools, and other things. Bob has been a great friend to Lakeshore and to me personally and a tremendous encouragement. Its great to have him here again this week.

Bob brought us some great news. Highlands Fellowship wants to fund a major project. They plan to work in Lakeshore for the entire month of September. They have adopted a family in our community and look to build their home with rotating volunteer teams. This week we have been looking over the house design, getting the material list together, and doing other preparatory work so that the construction crew can hit the ground running. I’m excited about these developments and continue to praise God for the partnership with our friends from Virginia.


What a Blessing! This post fills my heart with such Joy!!
Bob Turner is a humble man following the Lord’s command to love his neighbor + help those in need. Lakeshore would not be the place it is today had it not been for Highlands Fellowship Church providing the PEACE huts (as our women lovingly called them) where volunteers can rest in the air conditioning + replenish their strength, and the kitchen units where bodies are filled + nourished every day to be able to continue to help in the re-building effort and more importantly, continue to bring the Glory of God to Lakeshore + its surrounding communities.
Thank you thank you thank you Highlands Fellowship!!!

I would like to say THANK YOU and God bless you to Mr Bob and ALL of the wonderful members of Highlands Fellowship who volunteered their time to build our wonderful home.I can never thank you enough nor can I stress just how much I love and appreciate everyone.Thanks to you,our kids have a beautiful home to grow up in instead of the FEMA trailer we called home for 3 years. Mrs Melissa Turner,Mr Arlie& Mrs Christine Boyd, Mr Jack & Wilma Mason,Mr Randy Camper, Teddy,Tony(?the electrician?),and everyone else whose names escape me…….

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