Welcoming Hope


After two and a half years, I’m still meeting people who fell through the cracks getting help cleaning their property and demolishing their destroyed homes. This past week I met one such disabled man in Lakeshore who has been living in a camper after returning to the area. Every day he walks out of his camper door to see the flooded remains of his previous home.


I spent some time with him yesterday and it looks like we have the ball rolling to get the old house removed and begin constructing a new home from the ground up on his property. I look forward to replacing the “Keep Out – Hazard” message on his existing house with a “WELCOME” mat in front of his new home for the glory of God.

Keep Out - Hazard

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Images like this bring tears to my eyes. You are doing great things down there for the glory of God and I can’t wait until June when a group from our church can be a part of it.

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