County Votes to Close Lakeshore Baptist

This past Thursday the Hancock County Planning and Zoning Board passed a resolution that mandates that we remove all temporary structures from our church property by May 31st. This eviction includes all volunteer housing, our volunteer dining hall, our distribution center, and even our temporary metal church building – everything except the church office. Losing these facilities would bring our relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts to a screeching halt and leave Lakeshore Baptist Church without a gathering place for corporate worship.

The story made the front page of our local newspaper The Sea Coast Echo. See: Lakeshore Church’s fate In the Lord’s Hands.

I do not believe God plans to bring Lakeshore Baptist Church or her mercy ministry of hosting volunteers to and end. With a firm reliance on God’s sovereignty and His control over all things, we also want to investigate all our options. These action plans may include erecting permanent buildings a little quicker than our master plan called for. We also have been in conversations with our board of supervisors who, if we understand correctly, can pass rulings that trump the zoning board. Our county supervisor stands behind us and has vowed to do all he can to keep our volunteer efforts going.

I will try to post updates here on the Rebuild Lakeshore blog as details unfold. We ask our friends to remember us in prayer as we seek the Lord’s wisdom, guidance, and direction in this matter. Above all else we pray that God would continue to glorify Himself.


It is, as it has been from day one, in God’s hands.
I visited your website today to get the ball rolling for our “Spring Break Mission Trip” from Ridgelands Heights Baptist Church in Sandersville, Ga. For many of us here @ RHBC this will be our 7th. trip. We will be praying tonight at our Church Leadership Team Meeting and will continue to pray till God shows the church as well as the community leaders what moves to take. We will be in touch regarding our SBMT and in the meantime we will be planning to see you in april. May God Continue To Bless You. In Christ; Pastor L.T. Logue

During my church’s visits down to your area to help with the rebuilding process, I was amazed that Satan had not been more of a hindrance. He threw small road blocks up from time to time, but the Lord always provided a way to continue what He had started.

I believe with all of my heart that He began the work there. It is not in mans sinful heart to give of himself so selflessly as people have over the last 3 years. And the Lord God says He is not confuses and “What He has started, He will see to completion”.

People who do not know the Lord do not understand that concept. Your county leadership apparently does not see what God has accomplished in their own county that they as county officials could not do. We all need to pray for eyes to be opened, and hearts to be turned towards heaven.

And, should the date stand, trust in the God that is all knowing that He has a plan for honor and glory to be brought about not only to Him, but for His church-Lakeshore Baptist, and His leader- Don Elbourne. Your reputation in Hancock County has been reflective of the Master. He is still in control.

Pastor Don,
I am reading this news for the first time tonite + my heart dropped immediately. I agree that this is merely Satan’s way of stealing the Peace you have given to so many people in your community. God has always been in Full Control + once again, He will bring Glory to His Most Precious Name. I will notify our mission trip team here in MARYLAND for sticky prayers to come your way.
God Bless you all,

We only come to help. They must have a better plan.I feel that Lakeshore Baptist has made Hancock county a better place to live

Your Church and the volunteer church groups that came to help in Lakshore, Hancock Co., MS keep us going after Katrina, you gave us hope, food,water, clothing, household items and on and on, things we needed to keep us alive, you made it possible for my Grandchildren to have a wonderful christmas that first chirstmas after the storm. you help them with school supplies, clothing, blankets and love.
I will keep you in our prayers, it is a shame they want to take down what God provided us after Katrina, our shining hope that there would be a future after Katrina was seeing the church steeple

[…] Yesterday, by faith, Lakeshore Baptist Church voted to construct a permanent bunk house to continue hosting volunteers. We pray that this first step in our master plan will, in part, make our zoning board happy. We hope to keep our existing quarters for a little longer as well. The structure will also ensure that we can continue hosting mission teams for a long time to come. […]

[…] Earlier this week we were refused a place on the docket to request an extension of our permit for the temporary structures on our church property. If you recall, in the January meeting the board gave us until May 31 to remove all temporary structures. Since then we have begun building a bunk house and have the above site plan ready to move forward for our other facilities. In the meantime, we need to keep our temporary buildings while we construct our permanent ones. […]

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