WLOX Reports on Possible Church Closure

WLOX Action Report - Lakeshore MS

Last night WLOX reported on the Hancock County Zoning Board’s decision to shut down our volunteer efforts and close the doors to Lakeshore Baptist Church. You can watch the video: WLOX – Volunteer Efforts Could End.


[…] Rebuild Lakeshore Update 20 01 2009 Rebuild Lakeshore has posted the video link to WLOX 13 in Biloxi that is reporting the possible closure of the church and relief efforts at Lakeshore Baptist Church.  I have posted a comment on the Founders blog  and here about the need for prayer and finacial and physical support.  Please consider giving to Rebuild Lakeshore today, and as always, keep them in your prayers. […]

oh my goodness.

🙁 i feel like a horrible person for not coming down there for you guys. i miss you all so very much i cant express it. 🙁 i love you all so much and i know God has a plan as i know yall know as well. keep up the work. i love you all.

I don’t understand how people who are not invoved in this ministry are making such decisions concerning it. We have done mission work the past 2 years at Lakeshore (Feb. 15-21 to be the third!) and seen the people this ministry touches every day. You will be in my prayers until I get there!

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