Tiny House Mission

Long before Tiny Houses were a thing, we built one as part of our disaster relief volunteer houseing. Jamie Dunbar (now Jamie Rogers) designed the dwelling for her needs as she served the efforts here for 6 years. Her contributions were invaluable and the tiny house served as personal space amid the hustle and bustle of activity.

Now that Jamie has relocated back to Wisconsin, got married, and become a mother, the tiny house in Lakeshore sits empty. For the last couple of years we have been decommissioning the quonset huts and other makeshift structures around the property. While Katrina relief has ended, our main bunkhouse still serves as an active mission trip housing facility here on the gulf coast. The summer of 2018 calendar is filling up fast.

We need to relocate the tiny house closer to the bunk house, tie it into electricity and plumbing and re-open it for use. We are looking for someone to adopt this project. We built the 12’x12′ structure with moving it in mind. It sits up on concrete blocks and 6″x6″s. It could possibly be drug with a wench, using the 6″x6″s as skids, or jacked up onto a trailer, or any other idea the team that tackles it comes up with.

Would you, or someone you know, like to take on this project? We need to get it moved before the summer rush begins the first week in June. This would be a great spring break project. Contact us for more details.


Pastor Don –
.. Did Jamie’s Tiny House get moved from out in the back? Is it where you want, connected up, and on some suitable foundation?
.. I remember the little red house standing out on its’ own. Sometimes it actually struck me as lonely, and other times as just peacefully waiting for someone.
– Vern Leach (past work volunteer)

No. We did not get it moved this summer as planned. The project is still on the “to do” list. Lord willing, I would love to have it moved and available for folks to stay by next summer. We need to find someone willing to take on the project.

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