“Ask and ye shall receive.” A few weeks ago, we mentioned our need of a forklift to accompany our new warehouse. The missions-minded Union Baptist Church in Pucket MS answered the call and donated the valuable piece of machinery for our ongoing relief, recovery, and rebuilding efforts. We sure appreciate these great folks who have helped us in so many ways.

forklift - James Bobbitt, Don Elbourne, Phillip Means, and Ray Douglas

pictured above: James Bobbitt, Don Elbourne, Phillip Means, and Ray Douglas.


[…] Posted by Pastor Don A. Elbourne Jr. People often ask us to publish our most pressing needs. Since the storm destroyed all our buildings, the most urgent need has always been storage space for contributions, building materials, and other things to fuel the ongoing relief effort. Now that we have a new warehouse, and a forklift, we could use pallet racks to make best use of the vertical space. The 12 foot ceilings will allow us to stack pallet several high and double or almost triple the usable storage in the 30X60 building. We think that three 30′ rows would serve to ideally expand the maximum capacity. If you would like to adopt this need, please contact us. […]

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